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The clue to how we work is in our name

Real estate has traditionally encouraged a culture of individual success, but we believe it’s only by working together that we can reach our full potential. It’s about you and us growing and improving all the time.


Dedicated Support

Our team works around the clock to provide business owners and their team with all the assistance they need to operate seamlessly, so they can focus on what matters most.

Compliance & Supervision

Our unique model ensures that all legislative and supervision requirements are met - giving owners ease of mind knowing they can spend more time growing their business.

Better Together

With a team built around the high-flyers, the trail-blazers and the innovators. Our diverse team’s voices are always heard, working in collaboration with each for mutual success.

Here’s what our team has to say

Our team didn't come on-board expecting to do the same as what they were doing before, we brought them on to grow; and they haven't looked back. Dedicated support, a great team culture and knowing that your voice will always be heard.
Hear it from them first.

Audra and I were the third members to become part of the AndCo family.

We knew Jason & Kelly Clark as good people, and highly regarded real estate professionals. We could see the positive impact their boutique brand Clark & Co Realty was having in the Plimmerton area. When Kelly expanded the model we were very keen. By that stage, Craig Lowe, another top professional was onboard with Lowe & Co Realty and based on the people involved, we felt we had to be part of it.

At the time, I had 14 years in real estate, but before that I had spend a lifetime career in professional sport with Wales Rugby. I was humbled to get to play in a Rugby World Cup, and be coached by phenomenal people including Sir Graham Henry.

I mention the rugby because I could see in the AndCo Group what I had seen with Wales, an environment of excellence, people with humility, and with aspirations to be their best selves, and achieve something special. It’s hard not to succeed in that kind of company, and I am grateful everyday that we made the move.

Audra and I have built a strong local business under AndCo Realty. We enjoy a supportive, and reciprocal relationship with our peers within the group. As small business owners we can share our challenges, celebrate our conquests, and take experiences of others to propel us all forward.

Aside from the people (and its all about the people), AndCo enables scale and negotiating power we couldn’t achieve individually Another interesting benefit is the diversity within the group – some of the business owners have large models with lots of agents, others are smaller, so there are lots of takeaways in terms of how your business can operate and grow.

All that and it's great fun. The group knows the importance of balance and creating an enjoyable environment, and everyone in the team works towards that.

Mike Voyle

Director / Voyle & Co

Joining the AndCo Group has been probably one the biggest decisions of my life.
I was doing well under my previous company and I was feeling quite content. Giving that sense of security up was scary but four months from launch I am so glad I did.
Kelly, Cameron and the team are amazing. They are there to support you every step of the way. We launched during level 4 lockdown so we had more challenges but we got there.
Getting my head around the extra business side of things took some effort but we are sorted now. I got lots of support from Kelly as well as all the other business owners. They have all been there themselves and are always happy to help.
I love the brand. It is sleek and it offers a great platform to market your properties. Clients like our look and love the idea of a boutique service.
We are busier than we ever imagined and the ROI stacks up
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Adriana Wilton

Director / Wilton & Co

We love working under the Andco umbrella!
After successful careers with other real estate companies we made the decision to join this exciting new brand early 2016.
It was great to see
a group of established real estate professionals setting up this new brand and we loved the style (some of them embracing the home staging like we had), the brand and market approach.
Knowing that some of the Wellington regions top agents manage the group and seeing other good agents joining them, only confirmed our decision.
The total client care, seamless communication, together with the sole purpose of getting the best possible result is an approach we already had in high regard, so finding a company that put the same high expectations on this was fantastic.
We would definitely recommend for any Agent to work with this wonderful team.
And just as a small extra bonus... we have never earned more!
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Ceinwen Howard

Director / Howard & Co

Your company, so you call the shots.
It’s that simple.

We believe better agents deserve a better deal, without having a board of directors clipping the ticket on all of your hard work. Our model empowers business owners to retain all of their commissions, so that they have the confidence to be creative, take risks, expand their business and elevate their career even higher. We’re invested in success, not overheads.

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